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Hard Core Pilsner Urquell Tour

This exclusive tour will take you to the most legendary and iconic beer places in Prague. Our expert guide Dalibor will guide you safely through three Pilsen Urquell pubs - U hrocha, U Černého Vola and U zlatého tygra. And he may even tell you, why we call this tour “Hard Core”!


  • Unlimited beer at the last stop
  • The three most legendary, local and iconic pubs in Prague
  • Table reservation U zlatého tygra, where normally you hardly get a spot at the bar
  • Best chilled Pilsen beer in Prague and beer typical food
  • Small group with true and local expert guide


Start time
1.30 pm every day

From 1 to 6 people. Bigger groups are not allowed.

Approx. 3 hours

Meeting point
tram stop Pohořelec (direction from city center)


1 890 CZK / 74 EUR per person



Pub U Černého Vola

The first beer stop will be at the famous beer place ‘Hostinec U Černého Vola’ (Black Ox Inn). Why it is called so, why you meet only local residents there (with a few exceptions like you), why the waiters are not very nice, why the best beer in Prague is draught just there and why it is so legendary, you will learn all that and much more during your visit.
Beer & Snack: Kozel 11° & roasted ham with egg, gherkin

Pub U hrocha

Under the gothic roof, you will enjoy a home atmosphere in a small beerhouse. Right opposite the beerhouse is located Parliament of the Czech republic, so maybe you will meet some politicians inside the pub. But at the first place, you will get an excellent beer with a foam like a whipped cream. And with some luck, also something to eat!
Beer & Snack: Plzeň 12° & Salceson, pickled cheese Camembert type

Pub U zlatého tygra

While visiting this iconic and legendary Prague pub, you will understand everything about Czech beer culture and Czech lifestyle. Famous artists and less or more successful businessman are a habit there. Václav Havel used to be a regular guest and even invited Bill Clinton to U zlatého tygra during his official visit in Prague.
And just like the president of the United States, exclusively, you will have your reservation at the table, which is very rare, because the pub is highly popular and all the time full.
And since it is the last stop of ‘Hard Core Pilsner Urquell Tour’, you can take your time here and enjoy the true Czech pub atmosphere together with unlimited beer tasting.
Beer & Snack: Plzeň 12° & Schnitzel in potato pancake, beer cheese

Where do you find us?

Hard Core Pilsner Urquell Tour

Tram stop Pohořelec
(direction from city center)

Historical Monastery Breweries

Tram stop Břevnovský Klášter
(direction from city center)

Prague’s Micro Breweries

Reception of the Hotel U Medvídků
Na Perštýně 7, Prague 1

Beer Tasting U Medvídků

Reception of the Hotel U Medvídků
Na Perštýně 7, Prague 1