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Historical Monastery Breweries

Baroque and beer in Prague is what you will learn about at this tour. At this very special historical tour, you will look inside the two of the most interesting breweries in Prague – one of the oldest brewery Břevnov Monastic Brewery and Národní Brewery, which is situated in the Voršil monastery, built in 1704 and which is UNESCO World Heritage Site.


  • One of the oldest breweries in Prague
  • Baroque and beer
  • Listed buildings
  • Very interesting local monastery production of beer
  • Monastery beer tasting and local beer snacks
  • The most beautiful beer garden in Prague (in the summer)
  • Beer tasting directly from fermentation cellar
  • Small group with true and local expert guide


Start time
4.00 pm every day

From 1 to 10 people.
For more people please contact us at info@beertours.cz or +420 778 091 222

Approx. 3,5 hours

Meeting point
tram stop Břevnovský Klášter (direction from city center)


1 490 CZK / 58 EUR per person



Břevnov Monastery

Břevnov Monastic Brewery is the oldest male monastery in Czechia, founded in 993. Our expert guides, Dalibor or Karel, will show you around this distinctive example of baroque architecture including its brewery and at the end of the tour you will stop by at the monastery taproom, where you will sample typical light lager as well as variety of specials.
Beer & Snack: Monastery beer & traditional beer snack

Brewery Národní

Brewery Národní (National) is situated in the Voršil monastery, built in 1704. The monastery is UNESCO World Heritage Site. Three types of beer with the names “Czech Lion”: classic light lager 11°, unfiltered lager 11° and unfiltered 13° semi-dark lager are brewed in Brewery Národní.
The tour at this brewery includes guided brewery tour with tasting beer directly from fermentation cellar, tasting local beer and beer snacks in the restaurant, or in summer time, in the most beautiful beer garden in Prague!
Beer & Snack: Czech lion beer & traditional beer snack

Where do you find us?

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Historical Monastery Breweries

Tram stop Břevnovský Klášter
(direction from city center)

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