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Beer Tours Prague_Czech beer historyThe first recorded mention of Slav beer originates from the year 449, the first mention of Czech beer follows after the year 859 A.D. This was initially brewed at home, with the production confined to the Czech country, and was intended only for its own consumption. At the end of the 10th century the first small brewery cooperatives began producing beer. In 993, the Břevnov monastery became the first Czech brewery.

Brewery in the middle ages

In the 11th century the export of beer began and beer has become very desirable and profitable goods. This is followed by the first legislation associated with the production and sale of beer. One of the most important documents was called Saint Wenceslas Contract that determined who can produce beer and ended years of disputes between the nobility and the burghers.

In the 18th century there has been a fundamental change in technology and manufacturing processes, mainly thanks to the legendary brewer named František Ondřej Poupě. Also important legislative changes that allowed the establishment of new breweries were adopted. The golden era of the Czech brewing industry had begun, and was interrupted only by the II. World War and then communism.

Since 1989 faded glory is gradually restored, many microbreweries are established and prewar ones are restored and range offer of beers is enlarging (e.g. various interesting and very good quality beer specialties originate) and builds on the best of Czech brewing history and tradition.

Czech beer is so popular in the world thanks to the use of high quality ingredients and preparation method with a long tradition. The Czech beer is undoubtedly one of the world’s best!

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