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Do you want to explore Czech beer culture?

Do you know Czech beer etiquette?

Do you know how much beer average Czech person drinks per year?

Do you know the ideal temperature of beer?

Join our beer tour and become a beer expert!

Our beer guides will take you to three hidden local minibreweries which cannot be found in any tourist guide. They will teach you about brewing process and about about the nuances of each beer’s aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel. You will taste 13 types of beer, explore traditional beer snacks (including vegetarian option) and have fun at the same time!

3 hours
3 beer stops
13 types of beer
2 litres of beer
69 EUR/person
Based on 13 reviews
25 September 2023
Amazing Experience! This is the first beer tour I've been. I've always thought beers are all the same but I'm wrong - there are 13 types of beers! Quite entertaining and educative experience for me. I'm so impressed with the guide and the service. An amazing experience it was!
Shaira S
24 September 2023
Excellent Beer Tours in Prague Fantastic beer tours in Prague. The guide is so welcoming. I have so many question about beers and he was very patient in answering it. We had a great time. Thank you!
mike s
23 September 2023
The best Beer Tour in Prague! We were in a couple on this tour! Such an amazing experience with Dominic and the cheese was just TASTY! recommended!
John N
21 September 2023
.. Great experience! Loved all the beers. I never thought I'll make it up to the 13th beer but I did. I appreciate beers more now that I have been on such an unforgettable beer tour. Definitely the best of Prague! Cheers to all!
Thomas M
18 September 2023
Recommended! I've been on beer tours all over the world, and the Prague beer tour ranks among the best. The selection of beers was outstanding, and the guide's knowledge was impressive. What sets this tour apart is the genuine love for beer and the city that the guide and the group shared. It felt like a beer-loving family adventure. If you're visiting Prague, don't miss out on this incredible experience!
Yue Z
18 September 2023
Outstanding tour! I can sum up the Prague beer tour in one word: outstanding! From start to finish, it was a journey of beer exploration and cultural immersion. Our guide's enthusiasm was infectious, and I learned so much about the Czech beer scene. The beer tastings were diverse and delicious, and the camaraderie among the participants made it even more enjoyable. If you're looking for a fun and educational beer experience in Prague, this tour is a must.
18 September 2023
Highly recommend this beer tour! As a beer lover, beer tasting tour is a must on the to-do list in Prague. My guide Dominik and Michael are very friendly and patient. They introduced me different kinds of beer, and told me the stories of each beer. Most of the beers are tasty, and I spent really good time with them. Highly recommend this beer tour, it's cheaper than other beer tour I saw in the city center. Especially for solo traveler, it is a good way to make connections with Prague.
Ilona M
17 September 2023
Who hasn't visited this place is like never being in Prague. Excellent offer of beer. Be sure to come! Excellent service, offer, ambience, arrangement. Recommendation for everyone who comes to Prague to visit this amazing place.
Quentin L
16 September 2023
Fantastic Private Tasting Tour! My recent Private Beer Tasting Tour in Prague was nothing short of amazing! Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable and made the experience both fun and educational. We explored hidden breweries, tasted a variety of Czech beers, and even had the chance to sample rare brews in a historic cellar. If you love beer and are in Prague, this tour is a must-do. Cheers! 🍻
Ema B
16 September 2023
Great tour! I went on the Prague beer tour with high expectations, and I can confidently say that it exceeded them all. The guide's passion for beer was evident, and their ability to connect beer with Prague's history was remarkable. Each pub we visited had its own unique charm, and the beer selection was top-notch. If you want to experience the heart and soul of Prague's beer culture, look no further than this tour!

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